lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

Chic & Autumn Style

Good morning! We start a new and a cold week. The autumn has started to show its lower temperatures, the cold has slowly started to present it self and gloves, scarfs, hats etc that form our styles for the months to come. Good morning autumn! Good morning Mr Monday! There´s a saying in Spain, "Bad weather, good face". The temperatures goes down, cold, rain and snow decorates our cities. And faced with this autumn days we walk with our heads held high with big smiles. Lets practise "the power of a good spirit". We start a new week, a new monday with a good spirit, with optimism, its ideal for our style, the optimistic lifestyle! Chic & Positive Lifestyle. Cultivate a sense of humor is important, it makes us more flexible, we sweeten, helps us to see life and situations from another perspective. Code-Coaching: The sense of humor helps us balance our emotions. It elevates self-esteem. Dare to take the chance to smile, to live with a sense of humor.

(Mafalda "the important thing is to be yourself")

Fall, style, inspiration, trends, etc. to help us prepare our outfits for this day. Finding our autumnal wat "Chic & Positive." Colors, textures, shapes give ample play to our creativity.Feeling our own "Autumn Style" ...
Coats ....

 H&M Sobriendad masculina. Autumn Style...

Cozy Knit...

Marc Jacobs



Chic & Positive. Zara Knit

Long Knit

Feeling Fall ...Inspiration, style, creativity for a fall with "Chic & Positive." Now its time for the break, the time to enjoy your blogs, your proposals, etc. Caffe latte enjoying a warmth on this cold autumn morning.

"It succeeds in what is learned" Coco Chanel.
Happy Monday! Happy start of the week "Chic & Positive." Kisses.

viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2010

Chic & Café au lait

Good morning Mr Thursday!

I love thursdays, its a day that fills me with a special energy. Once you have passed the middle of the week and the door to friday has opened and the weekend is coming. It helps us create a solid support on which to build our emotional fulfillment and satisfaction. Installing the "Optimistic Life" in our lives. Key Coaching: "Think, feel, act, thinking positive has multiple benefits and numerous healthy contributions in our daily life".

If we start to feel the small moments with intensity we create moments of inspiration , moments of feeling good
and so we create a healthy lifestyle. We start this autumny thursday with a sunny smile, with a positive attitude. To practice optimism is healthy.
We start this thursday "'Chic & Positive". Good morning thursday "Café au Lait".

Fall trends and the absolute stars of our daily life, the shades of autumn fill the streets of our cities, the style becomes every day more and more autumnal. Camel, beige, nude, brown in all their variety and in all its essence take up his role.Tones "Chic & Positive". Tones "Café au lait."
Stella McCartney
70's Café au lait




Brown turns, sublime and versatile is installed in our closets, on our streets, in our lives this fall. A fall "Chic & Positive." Happy Thursday to everyone. Do not forget "Chic & Positive."

(This blog has been translated from my original blog "Chic & Positive" on request from my readers).